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Devices are an integral part of our working lives, enabling us to work remotely yet stay connected.

 BUT there can be some unhealthy side effects for employees if they are not used in a way that facilitates wellness. These effects can impact employees' physical health, creativity, and overall productivity. Our inspiring talks and interactive programs are designed to cultivate greater focus, fulfilment, and overall well-being in your organization. 

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Emma Browne, Partner Forensics

 "I invited Carly to speak at our inaugural EY women's forensics networking event to showcase the incredible work she does around digital wellbeing. Carly didn't disappoint. The speech was genuinely motivational and the feedback from the attendees was that they came away feeling inspired and more knowledgeable in understanding how to have a more intentional and positive relationship with our devices. They also commented on Carly's delivery style which was engaging, authentic and personable. I can't wait to have Carly back to speak at another one of our events".

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Jennie Becker, Director of Events & Activations

Carly's Webinar for our members was incredibly engaging and insightful. Her knowledge and passion for digital wellness helped to motivate genuine improvements in our habits and we can't thank her enough. 

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Kylie Taylor, Senior Director Corporate Communications

I had the pleasure of attending Carly's webinar, which was attended by hundreds of employees. Carly's expertise and ability to convey complex concepts in a clear and relatable manner left a lasting impression on all of us.

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