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Programs for Professionals

Make your team distraction free!

Employees are struggling with feeling overwhelmed and burnt out by digital demands. Whether it's the relentless connectivity or the blurring of boundaries between work and personal life, disconnecting in today's work environment is challenging for many. This can lead to reduced productivity, greater stress,  poorer mental health and greater absenteeism. Explore how our training programs, workshops, and talks can make your team more productive, focused, and creative by eliminating digital distractions and bringing awareness to bad habits to support wellbeing. 

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Working with your key stakeholders, we'll discuss the benefits of digital wellness for your organisation and work together to formulate a strategy on incorporating digital wellbeing into your workplace. Using data we shall identify the key problem areas within your organisation and provide you with solutions to help your employees be more productive and feel more fulfilled.

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Digital Wellbeing Workshops

For smaller teams or for the entire company, our interactive workshops will bring awareness to your employees' relationship with their digital technologies. They will learn how our brains work in a digital world and how to stop feeling distracted, dependent, and disconnected when working online. They will learn the costs of being distracted by their devices and how teams can reclaim deep focus by disabling digital distractions. They'll walk away with simple micro- habits to help them feel more empowered, allow for deep work and regain control over their goals.

We run a variety of workshops based on topics including the impact on Mental Health, Physical Health, and Productivity. These can all be tailored to your request. 

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1-1 Coaching

Let's design better digital habits together!

During our coaching sessions, we’ll go deeper in exploring the relationship with your digital technologies, raising awareness of your habits. You'll come away reconnecting to your true values and a clearer understanding of what could be getting in the way of achieving your goals.

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