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Sample Workshops

“We miss out on necessary conversations when we divide our attention between the people we’re with and the world on our phones”. Sherry Turkle

Introducing Screens

  • Brain Development in children and how devices may impact it

  • The impact of social media on body image and  mental health

  • Understanding impact of  persuasive design and neurohormones

  • Preventing the unexpected- crafting a digital family plan 

  • How to set boundaries around screens that work for you

Being a good digital role model 

  • What is Digital Wellness and how to implement it

  • Persuasive Design- Why you're still scrolling 20 mins later.....

  • Restoring Attention- Regaining focus in the age of digital distractions

  • Implementing effective digital boundaries and intentional technology practices

  • The impact of devices on conversation and connection

Tech for Good 

  • Digital Nutrition- not all screen time is created equal.  

  • How to encourage using technology for good

  •  An overview into online safety and best tools and practices to help them stay safe 

  • How to tackle tough conversations about their online lives 

Social Media Harms

  • Cyberbullying, prevention and early intervention

  • Online Grooming- how to spot the signs 

  • Pornography and it's impact

  • Body Image and mental health



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